Nick Solares at 

The Big Grill 2019

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Join food writer, host of Meat Life, and meat expert Nick Solares at The Big Grill, Europe's largest barbecue festival. Nick will be attending for the third year in a row to MC seminars with legendary butchers, chefs, and pit masters as well as host a series of special tastings of dry aged beef. 

"All Good Things Come in Time..."

Nick Solares and Meat Life presents: ‘All Good Things Come In Time…’ an exploration of dry-aged beef. Listen and eat your way through a flight of ribeyes aged for various lengths of time by master butcher Peter Hannan. Learn about the process of dry aging, the effect on tenderness and flavor and find out how long is too long! Guests will sample beef aged for 28, 56, 91, and 112 days!

August 18 - 21 7PM in Offside Tent

Competition Barbecue Masterclass with Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson BBQ

Join Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson BBQ for a competition barbecue Masterclass. Learn all about pork selection, seasoning, injection, cooking strategy, woods & fuels, moisture, and wrapping.

4PM Sunday at Bastecamp