Steakhouse Creamed Spinach

A velvety Béchamel make this recipe the perfect accompaniment for Prime steaks

Cremed Spinach

Creamed spinach comes in many forms, this is a recipe inspired by the one served at Smith & Wollesnky Steakhouse in NYC and is Béchamel based.


Béchamel Sauce

1 cup of whole milk

1 bay leaf

1 Clove

Pinch of nutmeg

1/2 stick of unsalted butter

6 Tablespoons of flour ( I recommend Wondra)

1 finely diced shallot

Salt and pepper to taste

10 ounces frozen or 2 1/2 lbs fresh spinach


  1. If frozen follow directions on box. I prefer frozen as it tends to display a more vibrant green.

  2. For fresh spinach rinse under cool water, remove large stems and blemished leaves. Boil or steam for five minutes.

  3. Once spinach is cooked, drain thoroughly and allow to cool and chop coarsely. The less retained moisture the richer your creamed spinach will be.

  4. Simmer milk, bay leaf, clove, nutmeg, pinch of salt, for 15 minutes in saucepan over very low heat to infuse. Discard bay leaf and clove.

  5. In a separate sauce pan melt butter and sauté shallot until tender and translucent over medium heat. Season with salt.

  6. Make the roux by whisking the flour into butter and shallots until dissolved.

  7. Slowly mix in heated milk until fully incorporated. Simmer for five minutes until thickened, stirring occasionally.

  8. Fold in spinach, season, serve immediately.