The Battle of the Ribcage: Prime Rib vs. Ribsteak

Join host Nick Solares and the Red Meat Lover’s Club for a (rib)cage match like no other. In the red corner we have Prime Rib, weighing at 26oz, dry aged for 21 days and roasted slowly for 4 hours. And in the blue corner we have the defending champion Colorado Ribsteak, also weighing in at a beefy 26oz, dry aged for 32 days and seared quickly and violently.

Both hail from the finest USDA Prime stock and trained exclusively in Smith & Wollesnky’s dry aging room, the meat locker of champeens. Who will reign victorious in this epic struggle to determine who is truly the beefiest? Whatever the outcome, the live audience will be the real winner. This epic bout will not be broadcast on T.V or radio. Only available for one night very special night at the world famous Smith & Wollesnky Steakhouse.

And once the smoke clears it will be time to . . .smoke! The post fight party will take place at the iconic Montecristo Lounge where we will indulge in the finest cigars and liquors. Most importantly the evening will feature live, silent, and pick-a-prize auctions to benefit the Tunnel to Tower charity.

Full Card

The Preliminaries

Wollesnky’s Grill mini burgers

Prime cheesesteaks

Pigs in blankets

Steak tartare

Slab bacon



The Wedge

Main Event

Red Corner

Prime Rib

Blue Corner

Colorado Rib Steak

Served with hash browns and creamed spinach


All of them

Sponsorships details available via email at

7PM, 10 /10 /2019

Smith & Wollensky

797 3rd Avenue

New York, NY 10022



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